We started as customers. Before creating a bike business, we first had to experience what it was like to purchase our first (and then second and then third) bike, making it fit just right, and then getting them worked on when something went wrong.

After years as customers and time working in the industry, we came to the realization that owning bikes can be really hard. From finding the bike that you call “yours” to feeling comfortable enough to ask for help or have a simple question, we noticed that things could be different in ways that would benefit both customers and the cycling industry as a whole.

At The Sweet Spot, we are transforming a $38+ billion US bicycling market by redefining how riders get their next  (or first!) bike. We’re in the business of relationships where our customers are the center of everything that we do. Cycling isn’t just about the bikes. It’s about the experience and people that bikes bring together.

In addition to building a better cycling experience for everyone, we are also committed to creating a company of inclusion and opportunity by providing salaried positions, equity, clear career paths, and a focus on creating a team of diverse individuals to help us build the modern, more inclusive future of the cycling industry.

Together, we can reshape what it means to be a cyclist by reshaping what it means to be a cycling company.


Just focus on the ride - both on and off the bike
Move the cycling industry into the future
Enable diversity and inclusion in cycling -
internally and externally
Create a path to equity and leadership from within