A road bike like the Ventum NS1 is built as a light, aerodynamic machine for speed and precise handling. It’s engineered for performance whether that’s for a joyful coffee ride or for taking corners at full speed in your local crit. Paired with the latest technology from SRAM and premium carbon wheelset, your NS1 is meant to be fast to get you on the podium (yes, you can race our bikes) or to beat your personal best on that favorite segment of yours on the way to the coffee shop.

Now on the other side, a gravel bike, like the Ventum GS1 or State Bicycle Company 6061 All-Road, offers off-road comfort and versatility. Gravel bike geometry puts the rider into the best position to handle whatever the trail may demand with a longer top tube, slacker steering, and a compact cockpit. With some of the latest advances in bike technology, it pairs the road geometry so many of us have grown accustomed to with the stability and versatility needed to tackle off-road terrain with the confidence that puts smiles on everyone’s face. It’s a perfect machine for folks who love to find that fire road or trailhead and go explore.

Now having had the privilege of riding both bikes for a while, I can truly say that this decision truly comes down to where you see yourself riding and what’s available around you. For me, it also depends on the day and my mood. If I’m looking to tuck in and put down some big watts for speed, and/or grind away at a road climb, I’m picking the NS1. But these days, I’m leaning much more on the GS1 in the fleet. The GS1 gives me the confidence to explore more terrain.I can tackle loose gravel, some single track (within reason!), and I can connect a few rides together through fire roads while I sneak away from distracted drivers and find some local adventure. Some days I can even get a good 2 / 3 hours up there without seeing more than 3 cars and the occasional bear! (Fine print: we don’t suggest going out looking for bears, they are usually less predictable than cars!)

If you’ve made your choice between road and gravel, head over to our subscription page and get started. With our plans starting at $99 a month and flexible 18 or 24 month subscriptions terms, signing up for a new gravel or road bike with The Sweet Spot has never been easier.

Welcome to the future of bike ownership! We can’t wait to be part of your cycling journey!