Welcome to The Sweet Spot! Haven’t heard of us before? Let’s fix that real quick:

The Sweet Spot is a bicycle subscription service built for riders like you. Never heard of a bike subscription, you say? No problem! We’ll walk you through it!

What is a bike subscription?

You get your entertainment from Netflix, your music from Spotify, and now, your bike from us for cheaper than buying it retail!

Unlike the typical bike ownership experience where you have to deal with and resolve every hassle that comes up - we take care of it ALL for you! Maintenance is completed at your home, insurance is automatically provided to cover damage or theft, and we size your bike and deliver it to you. Which leaves you to focus on what you enjoy most - the ride!

With The Sweet Spot, you can get your $8,000 bike for around half the price with no hidden costs.

So, why shouldn’t I just buy a bike online or at a store?

Let’s say you finally muster up the cash or credit to buy your first bike, but little do you know, that's just the beginning. No matter how much you spend on your bike, you’ll find there’s always more that you could and will need to buy. Routine maintenance, replacing worn out parts, swapping or upgrading components to get that right fit/sizing; and the list goes on and on.

After calculating all those expenses over time, the average cost of each ride will be about 1.5-2% of the value of your bike. As an example, your $8,000 bike costs you at least $8.00 or more per ride over its lifetime. A lot of these expenses are in replacing consumables (bar tape, brake pads, chains, cassettes, tires, bearings) and general maintenance (random adjustments, routine maintenance, road damage, anything else that might lead you to bring your bike to a shop).

Why subscribe instead?

Great question!

Simply, we believe you should be doing one thing with your bike - riding it. When you choose our subscription model, you're choosing simplicity, convenience, and a focus on riding.

And subscribing saves you money! With a subscription, you’ll always know how much your bike will cost you per month (or year, or mile!), no matter how much you ride.

Think of The Sweet Spot as your personal bike concierge. You pedal and we do the rest. It's really that simple!

What do I get with The Sweet Spot bike subscription?

  • A brand new road or gravel bike, sized to you.
  • A full carbon frame and fork, Zipp 303S carbon wheels, and a SRAM AXS wireless drivetrain make for an incredibly premium ride in performance and comfort. Our offerings equip you for any adventure: from getting on the podium to a foray down the gravel road less traveled.
  • Sizing that makes sense.
  • There is no point in riding an amazing bike if you're not comfortable. Using sizing technology from IOG Bike Fit and Consulting, we pair you with a bike sized just to you. And knowing how hard it is to find your perfect saddle, we even bring a few options to try out when we arrive at your door with your bike ready to go. Ready for YOU.
  • Maintenance is no longer your problem.
  • No more transporting your bike to be fixed and no more long turnaround times. Simply log into your Sweet Spot app, schedule service for any issue you might have, and we come right to you.

    And if we can't fix it within the allotted time? We leave a loaner ride* so you never have any down time.
  • Protection for your bike.
  • We insure our cars and houses, but almost no one insures their bikes as it is often assumed homeowners, renters or car insurance provides coverage. Until you crash your bike at a race and find out your policy won’t cover it. And even if insurance will cover your incident, you’ll be surprised to find that next year’s premium has gone up and you’re suddenly labeled as a high risk policy holder.

  • The Sweet Spot experience offers peace of mind. We get that bikes are meant to be ridden, raced, and enjoyed however you want. If anything happens to your ride, we got you covered.
  • Have some bad luck and take a bad spill? Worry about your head, not your bike. We’ve got you covered.
  • Your bike gets stolen? We’ve got you covered.
  • True peace of mind is priceless.

Wow, this sounds great! How does it work?

When you sign up for The Sweet Spot subscription, we’ll start with a picture to help us size you to your bike and you’ll select the type of bike you want: gravel or road. Not sure? Not a problem! You can indicate that and one of our Ride Specialists will reach out to determine which bike best fits your goals.

With the details out of the way, we will hand assemble your dream ride and add those finishing touches to make it yours.

Now the fun starts! We’ll then schedule a time to deliver it to your door, which includes checking that the sizing feels good and giving you a quick tutorial on how everything works. After that, it’s all yours!

I’m in! How do I get my own subscription?

Signing up for The Sweet Spot is truly simple. Head over to our subscription page and get started. With our plans starting at $150 a month and flexible 18 or 24 month subscriptions terms, there’s a perfect subscription for you.

We’ll be in touch with the next steps and get right to work. New bike day never felt this good!

Welcome to the future of bike ownership! We can’t wait to be part of your cycling journey!